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A Little Intro

My name is Le Roy Stuczynski, son of the late Stephen "Steve" Stuczynski who dedicated his life to sharing his love of aviation and his memorabilia collection with all who loved aviation. Steve died on September 26, 2000 and wanted his legacy to continue. Before Steve died, I told him that I, along with his grandsons Jason and Jacob, fully intend to promote the "Gallery" during our lifetimes. Through this website we want to document and preserve Steve's amazing accomplishment with all who have an interest in aviation.

When my mother found it too difficult to remain in her home, which incorprated the Gallery of Aviation, she had to relocate to an assisted living facility and then to a nursing home. For about four years I was able to keep the collection intact and give tours and maintain the collection. When mom went to the nursing home it was necessary to sell the home and consequently dispose of the Gallery content. Steve's wife Dolores passed away on June 28, 2008.

We have relocated a large amount of memorabilia in the Madison, WI Veterans Museum archives. A large amount was donated to Nathan Rader, an avid WWII re-enactor who will display the memorabilia in a prominent manner in the name of Steve's collection. Many displays were relocated to various aviation or veteran organizations throughout the United States that Steve visited over the years to which the memorabilia had special meaning. A vast number of beautifully constructed plastic models built by the Madison Plastic Model Club with a display case was donated to EAA Warbirds Headquarters. Special valuable Marine memorabilia was donated to the Archives Branch of the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Quantico, VA. Lastly I traded a beautiful P-51 1/24" plastic model built by the late Kevin Eckles in "Moonbeam McSwine" markings for a September 18, 2005 ride in a P-51 with the same markings. "Moonbeam McSwine is owned by Vlado Lenoch, who is a member of our Warbirds Squadron 4 in Illinois. Both Vlado and I were thrilled by the trade.

This website will remain as a permanent tribute to Steve and his accomplishment.

On November 10, 2002, the warbird community lost a good friend. Joe Tobul, Corsair pilot, lost his life in an unfortunate accident. The December 2002 Eagle Screams briefly touches on the trials of this wonderful war hero. Please take a moment to read the issue and also, visit the website dedicated to the man who flew one of the most beautiful F4U-4s that ever was.
Steve Stuczynski
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