Gallery of Aviation A tribute to Steve Stuczynski.
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Wisconsin Aviation History
Researched by Steve Stuczynski

In 1926 young Louis Wuilleumier was driving on the south side of Monona when he saw a pilot land a Waco 9 bi-plane in the pasture that became Royal Airport. Wuilleumier stopped to talk to the pilot and ended up giving him a ride to a hotel in Madison. The next morning he picked up the pilot, drove him to his plane, and for his trouble got a five-minute ride in the Waco. Wuilleumier was hooked. By the summer of 1927 he and four other investors organized Mid-West Air Transport Company. For an airport they rented a field from the Eakin family on North Street, east of the Oscar Mayer plant and put up a good-sized hangar for the Jenny they purchased. So began the North Street or Madison Airport.

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