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Wisconsin Aviation History
Researched by Steve Stuczynski

Famum Fish was a California teenager who graduated from high school in 1910 at the age of 14. A year after his graduation his parents sent him to the Wright Brothers School at Dayton, Ohio where he learned to fly. Upon completion of his flight training his parents bought him a Wright Model B flyer for $5,000.

In the spring of 1912 a representative of the “Milwaukee Journal” was hiring aviators for “Milwaukee’s First Air Meet” to be held on Memorial Day weekend at the Wisconsin State Fairgrounds.

Famum Fish was asked to make a flight carrying advertising leaflets, mail, and a bolt of cargo from Chicago to Milwaukee on May 25, 1912. When young Famum Fish asked for directions to Milwaukee, he was told to fly east until he reached Lake Michigan and turn left. Following the shoreline he reached Milwaukee about 2 hours later, dropped the leaflets over Milwaukee and landed on a golf course cleared for this purpose. He was credited with making the first aeroplane flight from Chicago to Milwaukee as well as being the first to carry advertising, mail, and cargo by air.

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