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Carl Bachhuber Scale modeling at its finest!

Whenever there was a modeling event in the Madison, Wisconsin area, Steve would be there to photograph the models. He was especially interested in World War II scale models. His favorite scale modeler was Carl Bachhuber because of the spectacular projects he would turn out. Dad and I were equally impressed how Carl flew his models. Carl’s models fly at their scale speed and no faster. I’ve often accused Carl of under powering his models to attain that realism. To my astonishment, Carl told me that I discovered his secret. It takes a great pilot to do that and Carl is a joy to watch.

At the June 2002 Screamin’ Eagles Giant Scale Fly In, Carl told me that his next project was going to be an Avro Lancaster done in Royal Canadian Air Force markings. Carl asked if Steve might have some books with the markings for this model. I did some research for Carl and he recently sent me a photograph of the resulting project. He said, “attached are the results of the Canadian Lancaster search you helped start”. That made me feel pretty special and dad would have been pleased that the Gallery contributed to development of one of Carl’s superior projects.

In the same communication, Carl expressed his gratitude of my including him in my list of electronic copy recipients of “Eagle Screams” each month and wants to join the Screamin’ Eagles. Steve was an honorary lifetime member and would be proud to know Carl is now a member of our fine organization. What an honor!

Le Roy

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Click here to see an enlargement

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