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On April 6, 2002, I hosted an EAA Warbirds Badger Squadron 6 monthly meeting at the Gallery of Aviation. We had a great time and a very special guest joined us. Kristin Gilpatrick, author of the “Hero Next Door” book series, was our guest of honor. Kristin is from Monona, WI and was a joy to finally meet. She heard about the Gallery “through the grapevine” and has wanted to visit for quite some time. Kristin got some contacts for future subjects for her next book from our squadron members as well as contacts that just plain materialized as a result of conversation about memorabilia in the museum. Kristin has done 2 books about Wisconsin residents and is working on her third book in the “Hero Next Door” series.

Thanks Kristin for your visit at the Gallery and I wish you continuing success in your life-long passion for writing and your love for telling the stories of the everyday people who made history. Kristin and I are shown at her recent visit to the Gallery and we hope to have many more visits from this special friend. Dad would be very pleased.

Check out Kristin Gilpatrick's website here.

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